Friday, August 8, 2008

The Monkey & the Termite...

Yeah, yeah, the Mayor's a Wanker, everybody has Election Year Burnout, some other government funded crooks got caught, blah, blah, blah... I, on the other hand, have an ongoing diatribe with a Monkey & a Termite, both of whom mean the world to me. No shit. And they're both much more lovable than any of the pesky humans who run about City Hall, playing Puny Mortal Politics. The Monkey, in particular, has seemed rather sad lately. It appears she doesn't care for the constant stream of negativity that laps at the shores of our lives these days. Who could blame her? So, even though I'm not The Man In A Yellow Hat (not today, anyway), I'm thinking that some Happy Monkey Shines are In Order. This Saturday is Dirty Linen Night, and the French Quarter will be awash with Art, Artists, and Art Fans, all carrying cocktails, sweating and perusing the galleries of Royal Street and beyond. It's also the Second Saturday of the Month, which means all the galleries of the St. Claude Art Ditrict ( will be doing their monthly openings. The Marigny and Bywater will also be hosting a multitude of art, artists and fans, in their own quirky and bohemian way. Cocktails also, no doubt, will abound. On a New Front, Schiro's Cafe will be holding a show at their upstairs Balcony Bed & Breakfast, starting Saturday at 1pm. Wine and cheese, oh my! I happen to have a piece showing there, along with the likes of: Lance Vargas, Rex Dingler, Gary Perez, Amie Davis, Claudia Geherke, Mr 504, Scott Mosely and the inevitable Dr Bob. I hope you make it to one of these shows, or at least wander the streets, smiling and drinking and meeting some very cool people. Only in New Orleans do we offer up to the Gods of Beauty a sacrifice of sweat and booze, art and community, on one of the hottest fuckng nights of the year. We're just crazy, us. I wouldn't have it any other way. Hope this cheered you up, Little Monkey. If not, the gin will. Oh, yes. And laughter. Does anybody remember laughter? xoxo LD

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termite said...


what a breath of fresh air!!!

thank you my friend, i need that.

termite, widdle monkey, whatever.


Geaux Saints!