Friday, October 3, 2008

A Brief Manifesto

I will Create in the face of Demise. I will Refuse to Give In. I will not Go Quietly. I will make Something Beautiful in a World Full of Ugly. Every Life has a Death, and every Light a Shadow. I will Dance in the Light and let the Shadow fall where it may.


Anonymous said...

But with folks like you -- it doesn't seem to me that you are just passively "letting the Shadow fall where it may," and not trying to do anything about it... because you often seem concerned with spreading your ideas and perspectives. So, it seems to me that in some small way, with whatever contribution you can make, you have been trying to help lift at least some folks out of the Shadows in (under?) which they may find themselves laying. Maybe when some folks Dance in the Light, they are also Spreading the Light? Best of luck.

Lord David said...

Thanks for your input. I might suggest that I never mentioned not doing anything about where the 'shadow falls'.
As much as dancing in the light is a maetaphor for our lives and actions, the shadow is the same for the reactions and places in us all where the light does not reach.

In other words, any spreading of light, truth, drinks or lunatic humor is all part of our dance, what the Hindu Vedas call Maya, the performace of Life & Living, here on this earth.

May yours bring happiness and peace to those around you, those you love, and those who love you back, but most importantly, to yourself.