Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fearless Leader in Exile

Loki; Founder, Editor & The Big Giant Head behind the Humid City blog, is currently in Exile. Self-imposed of course, but all the same, he ain't round here these days. Even in his absence, orchestrated to allow his beautiful wife to complete her higher education, he remains with us in spirit, partly wearing his Motivational Speaker hat. If one can really call that a hat. Anyway. We feel you out there brother. And you're in our hearts as well as on our dart boards. Especially since you no longer live in that van, down by the river. All Hail LOKI; Exiled Prince of Fools, King of Chatterboxes, renowned Techno Geek & The Guy You Want On Your Side When It All Goes Down. Miss ya, motherfucker. XOXO LD


M Styborski said...

I miss him too!

Man, I gotta get the scope fixed on my sniper rifle!

George "Loki" Williams said...

You're going to make me get all teary eyed!

Miss you as well brother!

Maitri said...

Stybbie, I have better aim from here, darlin'.