Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NOPD - 5th District takes it to the Streets

The video clip shown here was filmed on Thursday night, December 16th, at about midnight, near the intersection of St Roch & Burgundy Streets, in the 5th District. Portions of the video have been briefly blacked out to protect the identity of the Film Photographer. The person who shot this footage (and shall remain anonymous) reported the incident as follows: An NOPD cruiser pulled over a vehicle on St Roch Avenue, and was joined, almost immediately by five other NOPD cruisers, for a total of six patrol cars. Obviously, at least one NOPD officer was in each vehicle (in uniform) and I'm told there may have been seven officers total. The car they pulled over was allowed to leave. For the next 20 to 25 minutes, these same patrol cars, all six of them, remained in the same position on St Roch @ Burgundy, with all of the officers out of their vehicles, talking loudly, laughing, sometimes shouting and, as you'll hear, being rather liberal with their profanity, 'Mother Fucker' being the most popular phrase of choice. Having been awakened by this, the Film Photographer, listened for that 20 - 25 minutes BEFORE beginning to shoot this footage. The incident ended when the officers received another call and went on their way. I am concerned of course, that 'Peace Officers' of the NOPD would hold such a loud, profanity ridden gathering in the street, at midnight, in a residential area, as though they were having a party in someones yard. Further concern is due to snippets of conversation, in which one officer brags about driving without his lights on, headed to a bar, because "fuck it, there ain't no traffic out." What I find truly shocking here is this: Just the night before, a network of local citizens were burning up the phone lines talking about Taylor's home invasion, his girl friend's rape, a rape/kidnapping reported to have taken place on the 8th of this month. I, myself, called the 5th District on the 15th, and got nothing but run around. A week later, Jonathon Hall was murdered by the same thugs who had attacked Taylor & his girlfriend. This is how the investigative patrols looked, as far as we can tell. If there is a reasonable explanation for this behavior, I'd love to hear it. So, it seems as local citizens were struggling to put together some sort of community based crime prevention, and are being shut out by the 5th District, these six patrol cars & six officers on duty and on the clock... are having a party, waking up the neighbors. How much ground can six patrol cars cover in 30 minutes? I'm told that an officers right to use deadly force is when an aggressive suspect gets within 21 feet, as it can be traversed in mere seconds. Think, then, of how much ground could be covered by six automobiles in 30 MINUTES. Then ask yourself, if this is the 5th District 'On Patrol', how much faith do you have in the NOPD when no one can see them at all....


Lord David said...

For what it's worth, with the exception of Jonathon Hall's murder in late December, none of the crimes discussed in these posts are listed on the official NOPD Face Book site Crime Reports.

So, either they just didn't happen, or somebody is lying.

With holding the truth IS lying, by the way. Ask any Grand Jury.

Lord David said...

The 5th Districts Face Book page

issued the following alert, requesting help in finding the Serial Rapist who later murdered Jonathon Hall, just 2 days before they were filmed, as shown above, doing nothing to find him:

New Orleans Police Department 5th District The New Orleans Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating and identifying an unknown, African-American male, wanted in connection with an Aggravated Rape and Burglary that occurred, December 13, 2010 at approximately 7:30 P.M., inside of a home in the 1400 block of Saint Ferdinand Street.

According to investigators, the armed suspect entered the home through the rear door and demanded cash. The victims had no money at which time the suspect sexually assaulted one of the victim’s then fled on foot. The suspect was seen fleeing on Saint Ferdinand to North Claiborne then unknown.

The suspect was described as a dark complexion African-American male, 16 to 18 years old, 5’11” to 6’tall and approximately 165 to 170 pounds. He was wearing a black hooded jacket, black jeans, black shoes and a black bandana.

Baby Sweetheart said...

Good article, David. People need to start showing up at the NONPAC meetings again EN MASSE. It's time for some shit to change around here NOW

Anonymous said...

according to eyewitnesses this is exactly what 6 or 7 nopd's were doing outside the sweet olive bed and breakfast while "investigating" a break in there at 5am on january 4th 2007 not fanning out not lookigeng for the kid they had a description of just hanging out talking and laughing until they heard the shots 4 doors down that took the life of my amazing friend and forever changed the lives of thousands of people the kid was there the whole time looking for a way out and found it 20 minutes after the "cops" arrived they then immediately started blaming the victims wankers to the max

Giuliana said...

This is why, as much as I love the city and it's people, I will NEVER live in the City of New Orleans again. I live just over the line in Jefferson, for three very good reasons. It is close enough to NOLA that I can quickly get to my friends who still struggle to live there, it is cheaper, (much cheaper), and it sure as hell is safer. I have many times seen "Cop Conventions", as I call them, where 6 or 7 cops will block an intersection, (like St. Roch, or Franklin), to stage brake tag dragnets.
BRAKE TAG DRAGNETS?? These two streets have been a raping, robbing, shooting gallery in recent weeks.
And the best NOPD can offer is a BRAKE TAG DRAGNET? Any respect I may have harbored for these so-called Peace Officers, is long gone. Mayor Landrieu, criminal justice in New Orleans is a fucking joke, NOPD is a fucking joke, and YOU are a fucking joke.