Friday, November 25, 2011

The Passing of a Legend: Rest in Peace, Coco Robicheaux

There are now words, right now, other than to say I am heart broken by the loss of a very dear friend. On a grander scale, the world is lessened by the passing of a blues legend, a world class story teller and spiritual guide.

Go here, then, until such time as somebody can do him justice, and take a glimpse into the amazing life of Coco Robicheaux.

Buono viaggio, mio fratello.
I'll catch up later on.

mad love;
Lord David


nogoddess said...

Are you serious?

Lord David said...

It is with great sadness that I assure you, I am. If only it were not so...

Mark Folse said...

es, the word spread on the Internet last night, so I called my sister, who was an Apple Barrel regular and a friend, who quickly confirmed it. In the days after the Flood, when he was living here and there, she had to help him home a couple of times and one night he forget where he was living, which made the stroll through the Marigny of a drunken Coco and a woman in her early sixties with a bum knee–who may have had a few vodka and sodas herself–quite comic, if only in retrospect. The last time I saw him play was at the memorial of my sister’s very close friend Jerry, another daily Barrel regular. It was probably a year ago Thursday I remember speaking to him at an length, at the Apple Barrel Thanksgiving dinner. I was ordering a glass of ice water to drown the whiskey and wine from early in the day and he told me, “if you libate, you must hydrate” which stuck in my head to this day. I stopped by there Thursday just for a while on my way to somewhere else, to deliver my sister’s regrets she couldn’t come with a dish, but nobody mentioned his collapse to me (and they all know me as “Pam’s brother”). I’ve met a musician or two who complained that he would sometimes tune his guitar strangely or not at all. I never noticed anything discordant about it which makes me think it was in tune, but to to a strange key only he could hear. All else I can think to say now is in the blog post. And there will be a tremendous send-off on Frenchman street, no doubt. I flash back to the quiet, respectful memorial for the character Harley in last season’s Treme in which he appeared. Coco’s may, no should begin that way but will no doubt end in a drunk to astound the druidly druids, one that will go down in the fuzzy memory of the Apple Barrel as one the like of which may not be seen again.

termite said...

((HUGGS)) to you david. i remember years ago your stories about Coco. i'm so sorry for your loss and to all his family and beloved friends who loved him dearly.