Saturday, August 18, 2012

Marigny Improvement through Gentrification; Better Every Day

I remember, not that long ago, that people in the neighborhood picked up (bagging?) after their Dog Walk. They dropped the tied bag in the nearest trash can.
I'm sure it made for some 'surprise openings', but it worked out in the long run.

Lately, it's a Crap Fest. 
A Fecal Playground.

 There's a fresh steaming heap around any corner, on any day, dark or light, rain or shine. I doubt that so many have thrown up their hands and suddenly decided not to bag the poop any more, that it's Shit Henge on my door step two or three times a week.
So it must be the New People, here as part of the Mayor's 'New' New Orleans, making it better for everyone by making it more like everywhere else.

 I even noticed an out of state Prius parked at the Mardi Gras Zone. I couldn't help it really, as the driver had backed up until his back bumper was literally touching the front bumper of my truck.
 So, as I inched forward and backward, trying to struggle free with less than a couple of feet of space to wiggle in, I thought about how much this little Prius must be helping us all out, all over the world, right this very minute.
 This thought was, I admit, triggered by the "Raise Your Awareness" bumper sticker, commanding me to recognize the great message that this vehicle carried.

"Another Improvement!" I thought.
But only for an instant.
I noticed that the Prius had no handicap tag, yet was parked in the only marked Handicapped Parking space on the entire block.

I found myself so inspired by all of this, that I'm organizing a little get-together. I'm going to fill my truck with any handicapped people who'd like to come along, and we're going to go shit all over that Prius.

Somebody will pick it up for us.
I'm just sure of it.

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