Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Coin of the Realm

While we may live in a country obsessed by celebrity & possessions, during an election based on the distribution of money, I put to you that there is only one wealth worth admiration; that is the wealth of compassion & understanding. 

These then, are signs of a life well lived, while money & power are but the bait of a greedy existence, unfulfilling & measured almost entirely by the power over the lives of others. 

Wish Freedom & Happiness for others, and you shall be rich in both, beyond your dreams.


Anonymous said...

i love this david. may i have permission to steal this little gem for my blog. pretty please. ;-) xo

Anonymous said...

i Loved this post david. i'd like to steal it XO

your words melt me.

Lord David said...

Of course, sugar.