Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bringing It All Back Home

My desk is where I have coffee every morning. It's as New Orleans to me as Cafe Du Monde. I'm sure we all have our little places to go and things to see with people we know involved in them. Many of these paths may never cross. Still, there is, in this town, about one degree of separation, in that somebody you know is gonna know somebody I know, if we don't know each other and both of them already. It's just like that here. At times we have stood divided by issues or by streets, by income brackets, by skin color, by political affiliation, by musical tastes and favorite po-boy shops. ( Please note I left out sports, as the Saints are the Saints. Period.) There is one thing that we share here, or we would simply have to go; A sense of humor. With that in mind, I offer up the Best Christmas Song in the Entire World. Not because we all celebrate Christmas, but because we all celebrate living in New Orleans. I give you the 12 Yats of Christmas. Go watch it right now, and put a smile on, ya heard? Lord David Pirate & Artist Skull Club New Orleans