Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can You Hear It?

Sometimes it presents such beauty as to bring a tear to one's eye, or innumerable horrors that chill to the very marrow, a sense of wonder beyond wonder as though everything were redefined, and sadness, so deep that aching is not enough, so that even death, itself, could not end it. Stand tall and fearless, you, so fragile and full of life, and when The World tells it's true name don't you dare fucking blink. LD November 2007

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Orleans Fringe Festival Returns

Last year saw the first Fringe Festival in New Orleans. From the originators of this local franchise (Kristen Evans & Dennis Monn), to the venue perveyors, like myself (Skull Club), nobody knew what to expect. The expectation that a few fans of alternative theater & performance art might show up (in large enough numbers to scrape by) were smashed by sell-out shows and performers from as far away as New York & Paris, followed by stunning reviews from the Times-picayune to the New York Times. Truly, this second season of New Orleans Fringe Festival is not to be missed. With 45 performance groups and over 100 shows, from experimental theater to aerial acrobatics, there is certainly no shortage of entertainment here. Please, take a few hours out of your life to run away with the circus, as it were. The Fringe Festival 2009 promises to transport your heart and soul and have you home in time for dreams of your own. Let the wide eyed kid in us all come out to play, won't you? New Orleans Fringe Festival Skull Club at Fringe Festival 2009 Performance Schedule I hope to see you out & about; Lord David Skull Club New Orleans