Saturday, March 14, 2015

Where The Wild Things Aren't

Reporting from Baton Rouge South
(formerly 'New Orleans'),
just outside French Quarter Land;
This Just In:

Roving herds of Bros (called a 'Lumox') have been spotted, walking through the Marigny, really fucking nailing it, being awesome, and high fiving everything in site. While some experts suggest this is a seasonal event, it has been noted that the Spring Break (or Rut) has typically ended by this time, and they may well have taken up permanent residence here.

Recent migratory activity has brought Envies of Hipsters, Crusts of Traveling Kids, Blights of Speechless Techies, and the ever ill mannered Sneering Trustfundy.
It stands to reason that with such ongoing consumption without replenishment, an area will be domesticated to the point of mind bending boredom, the cattle will then move in and form wandering herds.

Before these new species consume everything in the ecosystem they occupy, and move on to their next pastures, they will heavily fertilize it with copious amounts of their own manure.