Thursday, December 3, 2015

Visions in a Salad Bowl

I decided to escape the terrible fucking news that has been bombarding me with fascist political hyperbole and runaway gun violence.

"Fuck this" I says to myself I says.
"I'm going to breathe, long and deep, for a few minutes and then do something good."
"For me."

Because I know I'm not any good to anyone like this.

So, big fresh spinach salad for me. Organic cold pressed olive oil, balsamic vinegar, the whole bit.
It was wonderful.

I always find that eating a large portion of fresh greens, spinach being my favorite, is an immediate mood booster. Perhaps the massive dose of B complex vitamins, known to fight depression, release something into our brains. I'm not quite sure. I just know that it works.

Then I began to think about people who don't have access to quality foods, the things that literally rebuild our bodies, that fuel our brains and create our hormones & pheromones, effecting our mood and rational behavior to a serious extent. They don't get that boost. They get fast food, and GMO frozen entrees. They get refined sugar and bleached flour. They get generic pharmaceuticals and they get alcohol.

And I began to wonder, is this a thing?
Is this actually the plan I heard about at Conspiracy Nutjob Incorporated, all those years ago?

A vast conspiracy to have giant corporations supply the worlds food, stripped of value, just empty nutritional waste, to reduce the populations' ability to think clearly, to live with an underlying anger or anxiety, to treat that anxiety with mind numbing drugs, building an army of office slaves?

The ones who don't have the technical skills don't get insured and get pills just keep getting angrier, feeding corporate prisons or joining the military out of desperation, both scenarios building more perfect soldiers, more True Believers of the Corporate Religion, in who's house women are only breeding mares.

Then they funnel guns into the party, as fast as possible. The smart will complain and be killed off. The stupid, drugged, and assimilated will become the New National Front, and ride herd over the populous, as they work like drones, or are sent out to become fodder in oil wars, against whatever 'terrorist' nation falls next under the greedy eye of The Republic. 

Is this really a thing?
Is that what's happening?

Are we being programmed to bow to the sheer terror we've allowed our country to exhibit?
Is that why there's no end to the hate speech and mass shootings and people running for office with the Nazi playbook?

Maybe not.
But maybe it is.
And even a tiny bit of maybe is enough to take heed.

Because they know we're not any good to anyone like this.