Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Road Map

My life has rarely been easy, but then, I've often chosen difficult terrain.
Clearly, the paths less traveled are more likely to be fraught with peril.
The view along the way, however, can be simply fucking amazing.
And I can see my house from here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Book of Lies; Part 1.

"There is magic outside of what we know.
If only one is brave enough to let go of everything."

 - Lord David

The Book of Lies; part 1407.

"When we categorize people by their appearance, or by titles, such as 'homeless', 'outsider', 'poor', instead of seeing them as an individual person, it is our own humanity that is diminished, not theirs."

 - Lord David

The Book of Lies, part 187.

"Releasing the grip on reality, as it has been taught to us, does not, in fact, cause one to fall.
It enables them to fly."

 - Lord David

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Excerpt from a Letter to a Friend

I will stay in the Skull Club until I cannot.

It's a huge loft, and I've spent thousands of dollars and hours creating the Perfect Creative Environment. I simply refuse to leave and hand all of that over to a bunch of simpering weasels.
I won't.

Honestly, I love it there, but it's a little like being The Man In The Tower Room.
In fact, that's exactly who I have become;

The Hermit of Spain Street.

Once I step outside that front door, and begin to wade through through the trash of American Spirit cigarette butts, Modela Negro beer bottles, dog shit and general litter, I quickly become overcome with the despair of anyone who sees something they love be violated by ignorant trash.

On the other hand, and this is most important, it is incumbent on me to maintain The Last Liberty Outpost. I sometimes put on my top hat & velvet pants and ride my bicycle past them all, making the point of who & what this place was, and can be.

Until creativity, itself, falls victim to these empty heads and vapid hearts, it is the duty of Those Who Came Before to stand hard & fast against the rising tide of idiots.

- Lord David, the Hermit of Spain Street