Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blind Embrace

Love, a blinding light, aimed in my direction for no reason I can fathom, shines through me now and all of my faults, my doubts & insecurities float to the surface like brackish debris only to be burned away by the searing light of its presence. Having felt your light turned my way, and having been offered up as though I deserve this stellar pass, come now to me, and lay your ethereal head upon my shoulder. Hold it there and dream, a dream of summer days and nights of passion, of giving with no end and acceptance without limit. Sing a song to me now of praise and laughter, whose rhyme and meter match my heart as I could never have known without your grace. Soon you will dance far and away from me, just out of sight never out of mind, and I will always see your figure dancing madly on the distant hilltops, culling hearts and dreams from any who can see. Though friendship is the best that one can hope, still you linger at my side like it is never time to go. And when you leave, to that distant horizon the door will be ajar, I will be here waiting most each and every day for that knock and call to come bringing back the white heat, like a blast furnace, that surrounds me, and leaves my imperfections, my foolish pride and long intemperance, to be healed for a time in that most blinding embrace.