Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seducing Selene

Last night I dreamed a little dream I let it float down stream to make room for some more. Sometimes I simply drift away go swimming out in space 'til a knock comes on the door. It's just a game to answer to a name a place to lay the blame to run it all ashore. Up here when I'm alone with you it somehow all comes true I don't need one anymore. Still I see you there wondering just what my name should be... Baby, it's just me. I know I sometimes scream and shout I just got to let it out before I lose my mind. Other times I gotta make drinks for a friend well, it might be eight or ten... just let everybody in. I go out and completely act the fool I'm really not that cool it's just the business that I'm in. Up here deeper passions rise away from all those eyes we can step out of that skin. Still, I see you there wondering just who I'm trying to be... Baby, it's just me. The Sky comes caressing Earth sand is kissing surf it doesn't have to be arranged. Like the Wind whispers clouds to move they have nothing to prove no need to be ashamed. You and I or is it 'us' or 'we' or a flower and a seed a part of Nature's game. Slip away and play another hand we'll be Selene and Pan or any other name... Still I see you there, wondering just who it is you see... Baby, it's just me. Still, I see you there, wondering just who you want to be.... Baby, set it free. Baby, set it free. copyright 2010 - Lord David Music

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fearless Leader in Exile

Loki; Founder, Editor & The Big Giant Head behind the Humid City blog, is currently in Exile. Self-imposed of course, but all the same, he ain't round here these days. Even in his absence, orchestrated to allow his beautiful wife to complete her higher education, he remains with us in spirit, partly wearing his Motivational Speaker hat. If one can really call that a hat. Anyway. We feel you out there brother. And you're in our hearts as well as on our dart boards. Especially since you no longer live in that van, down by the river. All Hail LOKI; Exiled Prince of Fools, King of Chatterboxes, renowned Techno Geek & The Guy You Want On Your Side When It All Goes Down. Miss ya, motherfucker. XOXO LD

Friday, May 14, 2010

No, really, I'm fine...

My greatest gift is believing I know what I'm doing. I haven't a clue. Still, I soldier on, grinning and insane.

Don't Fear The Reaper, Unless it's BP

GOOD NEWS! I thought my truck had a head gasket leak. Turns out it's just the smell of millions of gallons oil crude oil, spilling daily, out of control, into the Gulf of Mexico. I was getting worried there, for a minute.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Faith on Ice

I’m still waiting to see who Mayor Mitch chooses as his Police Superintendent. And I’m still skeptical of ANY ex-NOPD member taking that job. I have also been seriously schooled on the inner workings of Ronal Serpas’ previous tenure at the NOPD, and the amount of good that was done at the time he served as second in command under then Superintendent Pennington. Still, my lurking fears remain. Now there’s this: Mitch Calls in the Feds Thanks, Mitch. Seriously, I mean it. That takes some serious huevos to do, whoever you are. As I’m sure it’s been pointed out, it’s probably easier being the New Mayor, so any defeat or blame gets laid elsewhere. Still, it’s a very difficult thing, as a New Orleanian, as a New Mayor, as a politico from a political family, especially THAT political family, to walk in and throw up your hands and admit that this is beyond your ability to repair, and do it front of the whole goddam world. So thanks, Mitch. Excuse me… Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Thanks. I’m still wary. Let’s say I think we’re still on very thin ice with the trust thing. But now I’ve got something else; Faith. So I’m cool with it, for now, and I’m listening & watching carefully. I’ve got Faith on Thin Ice, Mayor Mitch Landrieu. And that’s better than it’s been in a long, long time. Don’t let us down, though, okay? Just don’t.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Case of History Repeating…

I remember a time when people, everywhere, were outraged. They couldn’t believe their government was involved in questionable political activity, extended wars in distant lands and the rape of the Earth. A conservatism swept the land, and everyday normal Americans were persecuted for their beliefs in non-religious spiritualism, non-traditional relationships, pacifism. Students rose up to peacefully protest these oppressions and restrictions of their Freedom. It was 40 years ago today, that President Nixon had sent the National Guard to Kent State University, to put a stop to ‘instigation’ against the War in Vietnam, particularly, the protest against the illegal invasion of Cambodia, and four unarmed students lost their lives to the gunfire of those Guardsmen. Please, take a moment to remember them. Remember what they stood for; Peaceful Demonstration and the Right to Assembly, people of the Greatest Nation on Earth coming together to keep it that way, unarmed civilians, standing together against a Tyrant who would steer our country to a dark and horrible place. Those same forces are at work around us now. Those that would pillage the very planet we live on, pervert the process of the Free Press, obtain control through armed oppression, discriminate against those who look, think or speak differently than they do. Please, take a minute of your busy day to Remember the Ohio Four. They paid the ultimate price for their belief in a peaceful solution, and end to War, a healthy relationship with the Earth, a country able to grow and embrace New Freedoms. It falls to us now. All of us. Not a new beginning, but a continuation of those efforts. Because those same forces are at work around us now. Louder than ever. Speak out, let it be known that oppression of the weak, discrimination against the different, plunder of the planet and the breakdown of justice & constitutional law are not to be tolerated. Please. Remember…

Monday, May 3, 2010

While You Were Out...

God called. I told him you were busy, but he said he just wanted to check some things out. He wondered if were true that one of us could go out Saturday night, like to Walmart & stuff, and buy a shotgun & a half gallon of vodka, but even a seed of the herb he created for us could land you in jail for a year. Then he asked me if we'd all gone blind. He figured that with all the messing around, stinking up the place by burning & refining oil, not to mention those big ass oil slicks, that we'd forgotten about the Sun, that big bright ball that provides all the energy the planet has ever needed. Anyway, he sounded pissed. Something about, 'you fucked it up, you'd better un-fuck it. Or else'. I dunno, dude. He sounded pretty serious to me. What the hell have you been DOING, man?