Thursday, August 7, 2008

You're All Fired. Everybody. Go Home.

…Or, to coin a familiar phrase, Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks. My morning started out with reading about John McCain wanting to stiffen his willy on the insurance dime, but denying that women had any rights for insured birth control. Then Toby Keith tells us that Obama shouldn’t oughta think he can ack like a Caulk-Casion. Black folk don’t like it. I guess they prefer his stupid cracker-ass stereotyping… On my way to work, rehabbing houses in the upper 9th ward, I got pulled over by a cop road block, who, it appears, were searching for illegal aliens. At Loews. They somehow missed the 150 Mexicans sitting on the curb across the street, and pulled my truck over, demanding ID from myself and my work partner, Howard. After asking me how long I lived at my current address (10 years) they wanted to know where I lived before that. Go figure. When they heard Howard’s English accent, the 150 Mexicans simply ceased to exist, and his green card (a Federally issued ID) “wasn’t good enough” and his ID issued by the Supreme Court of Louisiana, so he can come & go from those buildings (where he also does work) didn’t help either. We sat as we were run for warrants and to make sure we were in the country legally (while 150 Mexicans watched) and then Howard was told, “if you’re a passenger in a car here, and don’t have Louisiana ID, next time, you’re going to Jail.” I’m sure the Chief Justice at the State Court of Appeals will be hearing about this when Howard gets there this afternoon. All the same, it was fucking retarded. None of the cops even looked at the 150 illegals, sitting on the curb. Now NOAH (New Orleans Affordable Housing commision) has fired all their employees. Everybody. Every fucking one. Because the whole shitbag is so goddam corrupt that nobody is to be trusted. I’d really like to know what measuring stick they use for that. I mean, cops who stop working guys and harass an Englishman with a green card and Court ID while 150 illegal Mexicans sit watching, are THEY the level of integrity we’re looking for? Or perhaps we’re basing our standards on the Mayor, who is simply too busy to go before the City Council, when called, and explain how the hell his little NOAH program turned into a money grabbing booth for contractors and their cronyess, who handed out the shit like it was White Boy Day for anybody named Clarence. In any case, the message is clear: John McCain, you misogynist pig, Toby Keith, you stupid no-talent cracker, Mister Attitude Cop, you cowardly power tripping asshole, Everbody at NOAH, you self-serving assholes, and especially you, Mayor C. Ray Nagin, who lets this all go on unchecked, you worthless excuse for a human being, nevermind Mayor of New Orleans…. Fuck all of you clever bastards. Hard and fast. I’m fucking sick to death of busting my ass to rebuild houses so that local people can have affordable housing that doesn’t leak, blow up or fall in, nevermind a clinic for those without health care, all while you lot of ass hats line your pockets, push people around, don’t show up for work, think that you’re better because of your race or gender, lie, steal or make really bad music (which is worse, really) and generally contribute nothing to the game but a lot of bad air and stupid crap for the rest of us to crawl through, all labeled as “Your Contribution.” Fuck you, you stupid assholes. Shut the fuck up, get the hell out of the way, and let us do our jobs, express ourselves, and get together to vote you bastards on to Anthrax Island for the rest of your lives. Soon. Just in case anybody wondered what I was thinking about…the Word For Today is: Livid Lord David Pirate & Artist Skull Club New Orleans

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