Monday, December 7, 2009

In Libertate, Veritas

In the Greatest Nation on Earth, I have seen masses, struggling for their humanity. And in doing so, they find harmony. WE WILL GOVERN OURSELVES.


Anonymous said...

as you so often say..

you betcha

Kevin said...

"Libertus" is not the Latin word for "freedom." (It actually refers to a freed slave.) The word for "truth" is "libertas," and with the preposition "in" it goes into the ablative case, which in this case is "libertate." "Verum" is an adjective, but you presumably mean the noun "truth," which is "veritas." "In Libertate, Veritas" would be the correct title.

Lord David said...

I stand corrected, sir.
And have made it so.

At least I talk good english.