Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss....

Yeah, those are lyrics from The Who’s anthem, ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again‘. You might have heard it on one of those CSI shows where all the Sci-Tech gals are playmates and the mailman drives a Ferrari. While TV & Rock and Roll are Classic American Distractions, that particular song holds special meaning for New Orleanians as the Mayoral Race closes to the final sprinting distance. We were certainly ‘fooled again’ when Mitch Landrieu was outvoted four years ago by a grinning jackal we know as C. Ray Nagin. Of concern to me in this race, among other things, is do we really want another cocky business man at the helm, telling himself he can do no wrong behind his Isolation of Power Door, or can we deal with the slippery slope of half truth and convenient beliefs. Of special interest in current events is the ongoing playing of the race card by Nagin and most recently (and pathetically) by Warren Riley. Even Troy Henry has “lambasted recent news reports suggesting “a likelihood that the next mayor of New Orleans would be white.” He went on to say, “”All we’re asking for is fairness and equal consideration, period.” These are, of course, admirable qualities to strive for. I’m also told that Troy Henry & Stacy Head are ‘friends’ which I’m guessing is some sort of euphemism for political associates. I doubt they have Sunday Tea together, but hey, I could be wrong. Neither of them has ever invited me. Go figure. So, anyway, I’m wondering where all of this ‘can’t we all just get along racially’ song and dance was when Veronica White et al were breaking laws all over the place, focusing only on white council members and using her race to cover up her inept failure at, well, covering up her inept failure. You gotta give Veronica points for consistency, something she must have learned during her political science days. At Beauty School. Where was Troy’s righteous indignation at race baiting in City Hall then? In fact, where is it NOW, when his buddy, Ms Head, is taking dirty shots from a known liar (check his crime stats) in uniform, also busting out the unethical chops by accusing her of open racism in an email he cannot produce or even prove exists? Nowhere, that’s where. Nada, zip, squat. He’s not gonna do shit to stand up for his ‘friend’, for what’s right, for what WAS right as long as he can spend his time using this Race Baiting issue to get himself closer to being in office. Once there, I’m guessing that we can expect the same race card shenanigans, ignoring alliances with those fighting the good fight, and general shuck & jive bullshit that we’ve been drowning in for the past eight years. It’s not okay to DO IT to Troy Henry, but if it’s not a stain on his tie, it doesn’t exist. This lack of concern for a real issue that has has cost the City Of New Orleans years of recovery, suddenly turning around when it may effect his bid for Mayor, just stinks to high heaven of personal agenda and the Delusional Egomaniac show that were about to celebrate the end of. Or are we? “I pick up my guitar & play. Just like yesterday. Then I get on my knees and pray…. We don’t get fooled again.” - Peter Townsend Lord David Skull Club New Orleans

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