Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seducing Selene

Last night I dreamed a little dream I let it float down stream to make room for some more. Sometimes I simply drift away go swimming out in space 'til a knock comes on the door. It's just a game to answer to a name a place to lay the blame to run it all ashore. Up here when I'm alone with you it somehow all comes true I don't need one anymore. Still I see you there wondering just what my name should be... Baby, it's just me. I know I sometimes scream and shout I just got to let it out before I lose my mind. Other times I gotta make drinks for a friend well, it might be eight or ten... just let everybody in. I go out and completely act the fool I'm really not that cool it's just the business that I'm in. Up here deeper passions rise away from all those eyes we can step out of that skin. Still, I see you there wondering just who I'm trying to be... Baby, it's just me. The Sky comes caressing Earth sand is kissing surf it doesn't have to be arranged. Like the Wind whispers clouds to move they have nothing to prove no need to be ashamed. You and I or is it 'us' or 'we' or a flower and a seed a part of Nature's game. Slip away and play another hand we'll be Selene and Pan or any other name... Still I see you there, wondering just who it is you see... Baby, it's just me. Still, I see you there, wondering just who you want to be.... Baby, set it free. Baby, set it free. copyright 2010 - Lord David Music

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