Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Allow Peace

The Ego is the device with which we manage the interface between conscious awareness and the reality we experience, much like a disk operating system manages the interface between the CPU and the programs it operates in. We are all aspects of the same unified consciousness, peering out through the bodily perceptions we have incarnated in to. We chose to be here, to be who we are, to awaken to what we will become... The Ego is a character of our own creation, living in a series of stories that we recall as memories, although they are only made from our perspective; or operating on a belief system that it has chosen to accept. We are not our Egos. They do not run or control us. We are free to live without fear. We are free to love openly. All motivations share one of two common denominators; Love & Fear. Which will you accept? All things come down to two choices; Resist or Allow. Can you trust the Universe? Will you allow it to remind you of who you are? Look deep inside, quiet the inner dialog of your ego, and see for yourself... Resist or allow? Allow peace for everyone. xoxoxo

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Giuliana said...

As always.. Love the way your mind works. Thanks for making us stretch ours.