Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, and by the way....

Dear Humans; Please stop fucking killing each other over politics, greed, race, oil, the name of god, skin color, language barriers & every other stupid little thing. It does nothing whatsoever to solve any of the many problems we all collectively face. Truthfully, you never really wanted this, either.


valsavo said...

Lord David, I think I understand what your meaning is, as in stop fucking one other over...a conundrum of issues. However, given these issues are best not ignored, what say you about what TO DO, now that we know what NOT TO DO? Thank you.

Lord David said...

The three basic tenants of Dharma
(the teachings of the Buddha or 'The Universal law of nature') are as follows:

Discover the true nature of who you are.

Exemplify that nature in your life.

Do this in a manner benevolent both to ones' self and one's community.

None of these things require the murder of other humans, by individual act or collective acts of war.

My meaning in this post is simple & clear: Humans, please stop killing each other.

I can't be any plainer than that.
There need be no alternative to not committing murder. It is it's own reward.