Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Say Cheese! Behind The Scenes; Part 1

At the F.M.I.A. (Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association) meeting last Monday night, (6/20) I asked Chuck Perkins about the hours intended for the new Cafe Istanbul. He responded by shouting at me, into his microphone, from the stage, in front of the 100 or so in attendance, that I am a criminal. He refused to answer my question. "You run an illegal club & I've been there late at night, sipping beer!" he cried. "You've lived outside the law for THREE YEARS!" I won't qualify this hysteria here, but perhaps will address it in a later post. In reviewing my taxes, state & federal, for the last three years, I must admit, if I'm a criminal, I'm doing a pretty shitty job of it, as I'm barely making a living, and still paying Uncle Sam & Pinocchio Jindal a small ransom every year. Whatever.... I tried to accept Mr Perkins rather juvenile tirade as a case of nerves, poor public speaking skills and a fear of answering questions he doesn't really know the answers to. While that may be unfortunate, its a little bit understandable, considering the scope of the project involved. Of course, it's also text book slander & defamation of character, but then, much worse has been said about me... ( I meant to call you, darlin. Really, I did.) The next couple of days brought things in to a New Light. Sources have brought to my attention the news that Pres Kabacoff has circulated pictures of me, behind my own bar, having fun, taken in my own living room, without my knowledge or consent, to at least one magazine publisher, in hopes of 'outing' me as some sort of ongoing criminal enterprise. To my knowledge, having a bar in your house is not a crime. Neither, I am told, is the open gallery event held every Second Saturday by the St Claude Art District, of which I am still a member. Let me say here that I have abated these shows at Skull Club, to meet absolute compliance with city permitting. Any other events here were & will be private parties, and are nobody's business unless they have been specifically invited by me. To my knowledge, Chuck Perkins has never been one of those people. It's also true that drinks were served. Both money & alcohol were shared in both directions across the bar, much like a group of friends tossing money in a hat to keep a party going. Were drinks given away next to a donation tip jar illegal, every gallery on Royal Street would be raided during every Dirty Linen Night, every year. In the end, I gave away more drinks & money than I ever received. Foolish, but true. As this, too, came into a questionable light, the Skull Club was closed as anything but my living room. It has remained such since around the first of the year, when shows were not scheduled, and after the Eris Parade Debacle, never reopened. At present, I'm rather enjoying the life of a hermit artist & musician. A series of screen printed poetry, a book, & a record of original music are all coming along splendidly. There's lots of time for my obsessions with cooking & horror movies. If you know me personally, ring me up, and join me. It's fun. Anyway, I'm really disappointed that Pres Kabacoff would smile his Crypt Keeper Smile at a town meeting, all the while attempting to force me into silence, or worse, by privately circulating these photographs, an obvious invasion of privacy and act of the lowest smear campaign. I'm especially concerned about how my hair looked. In closing, I offer this picture of me at the bar in my living room, which used to be the Skull Club, a Bastion of Free Art & Expression, where creative people came together, outside of the tethers of rigid society, to speak their minds and let their souls fly free. Post this picture on your wall, Mister Kabacoff. Let it be a reminder that Art & Creativity cannot be forced into compliance with your regime or any other. It is my sincerest wish that you will come to terms with this, and my honest hope that you will embrace the surrounding community, rather than continuing in your efforts to enforce your will upon it, especially with such underhanded methods. LD "I beg you to accept that there are no people on earth who would not prefer their own 'bad' government to the 'good' government of an invading alien power." - Gandhi


The People said...

What an absolute shame...and what an absolute sham. As someone who has enjoyed many a celebratory nights there, and anticipate many more, I've never thought of the place as anything more than you're open and inviting living room. A place where, as you've stated, has been a place for a free exchange of ideas, a home to the freedom of expression and a neighborhood house were folks can convene to discuss ways to improve the living conditions of nearby residents...much like any neighbors home.

Progress seems to be rearing it's ugly head in the form of profit. Perhaps your living room is already re-envisioned as a quaint little blues club they can charge 25 a head at the door for...your bedroom a dressing room to attract visitors from far and near...the entire block the furthering of the rally cry of onward, upward mobility of Metairie socialites finally feeling safe enough to visit such a charming and cool neighborhood. Clearly Lennon was right when he said he wasn't the only dreamer, but who know there were kids growing up dreaming of turnstiles and head counters.

Should you need anymore pictures, let me know, I'm sure I have some of me and others who are gladly willing to be recognized as fellow "criminals". Laughable if it weren't so sadly true...

The People said...

Oh, and I forgot to sign my name...(to avoid any confusion),


Lord David said...

Thanks, Rex.

As to this:

"...your bedroom a dressing room to attract visitors from far and near.."

You have no idea.
It's sort of embarrassing, really.

Just because the Gallery is, for the time being, closed, it doesn't mean the 'congregation' is dispersed.
"Where ever two or more are gathered", brother...


GiO said...

I think your posts are hilarious, LD, (when I have time to read them.) You said, at the meeting the other night, "Be careful, you're not supposed to know me..." or words to that effect- I'm proud to know you! You make some of the most literate statements around. AND, you're not afraid to say what you think. We all know how dangerous that can be.

Anyway, your hair looks wonderful in the pic. GiO

Lord David said...

Thanks, Ms GiO;

And I'm not just a member.
I own that hair.


Anonymous said...

*Cheers you on!*


Giuliana said...

Oops forgot to sign the above

Anonymous said...

New Orleans has your back, Lord David. This is Kabacoff vs. downtown, now.

Anonymous said...

Lord David you're my hero! and a funny a$$ Muther Effer too boot!
OXOXOX, Stimpy

Eva Lucien said...

I am really looking forward to seeing the projects you speak of come about. I hope someday to visit your amazing space again, in whatever capacity!

Anonymous said...

I'm your biggest fan.



Anonymous said...

oooppps! i forgot to sign my name..




Anonymous said...

Sorry LD, but this just seems like one of those reasons NOLA can't seem to move forward sometimes, that being people (you in this case) who just have to bitch about something.

Lord David said...

Dear Anonymous;

Thanks for clearing that up.

It's true; people from the Mayor's office, CM Palmer's office, the FMIA, dozens & dozens of neighbors & City Business Magazine, all jumped on this because I thought I had a spider up my dress.

What's a little slander, invasion of privacy, back-door mud-slinging, violation of liquor licenses & zoning regulations, assigning of the Guardian Angels to patrol our streets (whether we like it or not) and spot lights in the bedroom windows of a community, when it's all about the 'Healing', right?

I guess it was a slow day, huh?

Thanks for demonstrating your bravery & leadership skills by taking a dim witted pot shot anonymously.

It means everything.


Lord David said...

PS: I had the same kind of criticism aimed at me several years ago when I said the Captain of the 5th District NOPD should be investigated.

Like she is right now.

Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

It just seems like your issue with the Healing Center is NIMBY-ism, that if it was any other block, you'd be praising it. Anonymous, nah, that's me draped over your bar, losing my religion.

Lord David said...

Maybe it seems that way to you because that's what you'd prefer to see, and/or don't really have a fucking clue about me, except that at one point you thought it was 'cool' to be here, "draped over your bar", paying no attention whatsoever to the dialog going on around your pose.

There are many of us "outsider artist types" who are fully engaged in the world around us. It's just easier to deal with what things 'seem like' than it is to actually get involved.

Try reading the post, next time.
In fact, read several of them.

My commentary, albeit only my humble opinion, covers much of the state of human existence, consciousness, and personal freedom, as they are in today's world.

My issues with the 'Healing Center' revolve around open corruption, the bending or abating of laws to appease the wealthy, and integral well being of my immediate community.

If anyone finds evidence of me praising any of these things, anywhere, at any time, I'd love to see it. I have no problem with being proved wrong or shown new facts that change my opinion or understanding.

An anonymous hipster who can't be bothered to read the post they're criticizing and feels the need to 'drape over my bar' to be cool, while later taking equally anonymous shots at my integrity is none of those things.

Not a fucking one.
As to 'what I seem like' to you, I really don't care. Try this;
If you don't like me, don't fucking hang around ya hurd?