Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cafe Istanbul; The Hours or the Business?

It occurs to me, after reading endorsements the Healing Center gives itself in their advertising & website, that such a brilliant model of future urbanism should probably be able to draw a crowd whenever it wants.

This should make it easy to do two shows a day, at 8 & 10pm,
and close by midnight.

Snug Harbor's 'performance hall' sells out about 100 seats at
$25 & up, almost every show. Cocktail servers bring drink orders
through out all shows.

Cafe Istanbul should concentrate on the quality of service &
entertainment, as Snug Harbor does, rather than go for the easy
money of another late night drinking hole, in an area that has
enough already, and doesn't really want one there.

I think THAT would more aptly constitute the "American right to
do business" that Sallie Glassman spoke so passionately about.


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