Monday, September 19, 2011

Roadside Attractions

I ran into an old friend today.
She seemed to think something was missing
but she wasn't sure what it was
or what to do about it.

We sat & talked & listened & looked
from many points of view.

She was cheered by this, she said,
and thanked me.

But it was I who was blessed
in being touched by such a beautiful soul.


Nessa Davis said...

It is amazing how that can happen when we least expect it! <3

Anonymous said...

you have so much love in your life my dear friend. how blessed you are.


Lord David said...

We are all only as beautiful as we allow ourselves to be.
We can only experience as much love as we are willing to share.
Reaching out can be wonderful.
Reaching back, as well....

Thanks to you all.