Monday, July 9, 2012

The Artist & The Golden Arches

Has anyone else seen the new McDonald's commercial, where the 'ART GUY' gets inspired and paints a mural on his wall, made up of McDonald logo shit? All his trendy hipster friends dance about cleverly, crunchy munching on Shit McNuggets?

I really like it, except for the mural, the food & his friends. I think he should realize he's a corporate shill, and stick a pistol in his mouth, decorating the wall with what's left of his brains. Yeah. That'd be a much better way to go, McDonalds.


Anonymous said...

what a pile of garbage. seriously. *sigh*

Lord David said...

Welly well!
Hello, Mighty Termitey!

I'm not sure if I understand...
Do ya mean the commercial, McDonald's, my post or the whole steamin heap?

I love it when you come around, by the way....