Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl in New Orleans; the Dark Side

After torturing locals for the last 8 weeks, inconveniencing an entire city for almost a year, running off homeless people and ignoring neighborhood infrastructure in lieu of palm trees maintenance on S. Claiborne Avenue, the fucking Merecedes Benz Super Dome goes dark during 35 minutes of the Super Bowl, right during the half time show?

I'm so glad Mayor Mitch pimped the fuck out of all of us to 'make the city look good when the world is watching'.
That's the New Orleans you want to pitch, is it?
Screw the locals and then step on the power cord at showtime?

Next up;
Bobby Jindal tap dances like mad as he pulls more plugs in the Children's Hospice Ward. 
Stay tuned!

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