Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9- 11 Remembered

Like millions of other Americans, I remember the pain & horror on this anniversary of 9-11. Please also reach into your hearts for the millions of innocent human beings who have lost their lives, limbs or loved ones, to the atrocity of war, everywhere.

Let this remembrance lead us to sanity, compassion & acceptance, rather than to further beat the senseless drums of war. I think we've all had enough of it, don't you? 
Play some music instead. 
It's good for you.


mighty termitey said...

war is never the answer & it makes me feel ashamed that our guys in the White House are so quick to rush into something they haven't thought threw well enough.

yes. play music. and while you're at it, make pancakes.
pancakes are good for the soul.

miss you pumpkinears,

Gothic Hangman from Gotham to the Gulf said...

Aristotle said "politics and good intentions don't mix, they are like oil and water. " We can't count on politicians to do right by the people, they are just cogs in the industrial complex. As individuals we can make changes in ourselves and our immediate environment and perhaps even beyond. Kindness is often mistaken for weakness, though it far better to be a kind generous spirit. Lord David thanks for being you and the difference you make, you always done right by me.