Friday, July 21, 2017

The Legend Continues; the Next Generation.

Looking back, I see all our past ancestors to the beginning.
I see their joys and struggles, all leading up to this day.
I feel the fruition of their love & lives as you join us here.
You are a manifestation of those loves & lives.

You have left the comfort of the great collective spirit as you come here.
We welcome you with all the love of ourselves and our ancestors.
We thank you for choosing us as your family.
Let none of us ever lose sight of these things, or how we came to be here.

Rather, let us celebrate each day we live, and take comfort in the knowledge that love is given freely and without condition in our tribe. While life in this world is not without disappointment, tragedy and struggle, let it not be without the love and caring of family.

Remember to be true to yourself, and to be bold; to proudly carry the torch of discovery into the unknown of the future.  Those things watch carefully, for they are both our weakest points and our greatest allies. Dream deeply and look hard at details around you. Possibilities are endless here.

Find your independence early, but never forget the connection that family brings.
Their love will offer you strength through the darkest days, but you must also find it in yourself.

Above all, remember that there is no one greater or lesser than you, only different.
These differences are what make this trip to earthly life so fulfilling.
Do not be afraid to find your voice, and sing out loud enough to be heard.
All of us are beautiful in one way or another. Let yours shine when you can.

On this day, Friday, July 21st, 2017, we welcome you to the world, daughter of my daughter;

Mia Vivian De La Cruz Aponte


Judy Thorne said...

Many Congratulations!!!!!

Unknown said...

That's brillant! What a welcome x