Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm still collecting information. Start here, with Nola Slate;


Anonymous said...

Video is starting to hit YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Here's some information: Take a walk along the parade route through the Marigny. Look for the cars with phalluses drawn on them by Eris paraders.

Lord David said...

I did. Most of them had already been washed of with a simple wet sponge.

Of course, I NEVER, EVER said anything in support of this vandalism, so I guess you're just sharing your day's sight seeing.

Of course, I'm assuming you personally SAW 'The Eris Paraders'
do this as a group, since you're blaming all of them here.

Does this include the 7 year old in the stroller, the toddler in her mothers arms, and everyone else who was in that parade? Or just the 12 that got arrested?

I will say this: no amount of tagging on anything merits police officers slapping around innocent bystanders, smashing cameras or spraying pepper spray, indiscriminately, in to crowds of people CARRYING FUCKING CHILDREN.

Since you've decided to make your clever remarks anonymously, I'll go ahead and straighten you out on something...

I've lived in the Marigny for 12 years & the Bywater for 5 years before that. For two years I had the 5th District next door to me.

I've seen the gun waving, profanity spewing thugs of the NOPD in action LONG before a few cars got tagged. I've been arrested for standing quietly on the side walk.

If you wanna school someone about this, look in the mirror. Of course, if some kid smashes that mirror while you're looking in it, you'll be guilty, too, by your own standards.