Monday, March 28, 2011

Cop School - For You, Not Them - Really

I got this email today.

Besides being one of the stupidest & hilariously wrong things I ever read, it really pissed me off.

Once again, New Orleans Chief of Police, Ronal Serpas, is trying to make it your fault that he's a miserable failure at his job.

Please read the email, reprinted here, in it's entirety:

"The New Orleans Police Department is once again offering the citizens of the City the opportunity to participate in a Citizens Police Academy. I the classes are (12) twelve weeks. Each citizen will attend a (2) hour class, starting at 6:00pm, every Wednesday night of each week. The classes do not involve any physical activity it is an informative class focusing on your observation of criminal activity and crime patterns. Anyone interested or if you know of anyone that wants to attend please contact me, Sgt. Roderick B. franklin,Sr., at or Officer Matthew Alsina at or call us at the 5th District station at (504) 658-6050. Please include your name, address and contact information. There are limited spots available for this class. There is a tentative start date for the class to begin on April 13, 2011."

Please be assured that the lack of police work done in the future, and the sheer failure of investigators to convince anybody to come forward and face murderous retribution by thugs and/or cops (hard to tell apart sometimes) will be blamed on OUR NOT GOING TO THEIR COP SCHOOL.

Let's face it, this is a 12 week class in how to snitch out any neighbor that pisses you off.

I also got this charming invitation:



Formation Location and Time

4:45PM at St. Claude and St. Roch

The Walk Will Begin @ 5:00PM throughout the St. Roch Neighborhood"

I really would like to know why the cops are afraid to do this without our help.

I know many of us are better armed, and certainly most of us are smarter, but for god's sake, they have the power of

ELECTED DIGNITARIES to protect them.

I wonder if any of those useless suits realize that many of the citizens of the St Roch Area do this Community Walk on a daily basis, mostly because THEY FUCKING LIVE THERE....?

Dear NOPD: Stop trying to get other people to do your damn job. You suck at it, we know, and, in fact, have a Department of Justice Report to support those allegations. All the same, DO YOUR DAMN JOB, and stop trying to guilt us (or yell at us, as Chief Serpas likes to do at 'town meetings') into doing your work while you park illegally in the cross walk and suck down coffee with three sugars in it (yes, I was watching YOU).

Furthermore, it may SEEM like a big deal to actually get out of your car & walk around ANYWHERE, never mind these hot zones, like the St Roch park (read; open air drug & murder mart), but guess what? Even the children that live there have to do it every day. So quit crying and asking us for back up. Or just quit.

This also goes for those ELECTED DIGNITARIES.

Do your fucking job, or get the boot on the next election day.

We're sick of this crap where you think you've become somebody.

We can take that chair away as fast as we gave it.

Get to work.

All of ya.

(PS, And learn to fucking spell, fer chrissakes)


mardiclaw said...

inappropriately named crime walk

real name? politicians walk
cameras, children, and opportunities to look good for re-election.

support the silence is violence secondline this sunday, they'll be at the 2nd stop at the hi ho lounge at one thirty, with free agents brass band, and the bayou high steppers.

WendyW said...

"The classes do not involve any physical activity it is an informative class focusing on your observation of criminal activity and crime patterns." So - no physical activity...much like the actual NOPD?!? Not doing anything, just observing and recording stats...
Sir, permission to ask a question, SIR!? (assuming granted): So, doesn't this Serpas-driven stat gathering and no actual intervention basically render the NOPD not as a civic police force, but ANTHRO*EFFING*POLOGISTS!?!??!
WTF Serpas??!?!
My head hurts and I don't even live there yet...despite the crime both outside and inside the NOPD, I still LOVE New Orleans and WANT to live there.
Hey, Ronal - get your head and your department out of your SerpASS and START CRACKING DOWN ON THE VIOLENT CRIME! Get the Uniforms out on the STREET and LEARN their districts, LEARN their residents.

Lord David said...

And then there's this:

The People said...

Hm...maybe I can come down for the walk and hold some babies for my campaign poster. Do they have babies there? Otherwise, I'll have to go to a neighborhood that has babies or teachers or old people... You know, for the cameras...

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I call him Chief Slurpy.
Got yous hangin.