Thursday, June 14, 2012

Commander Goodly Responds; As Do I


Lord David,

All reported crimes to the New Orleans Police Department are available to all citizens in real time using the NOPD website at, then clicking  the 'Crime Maps' icon.   Utilizing the crime mapping software, any user will be able to conduct an up to date search of crimes occurring in their neighborhood.  The user can also set up to get email alerts for crimes that are reported as specified in a particular area of interest/concern.  This can be very helpful for users needing to know exactly what's happening in a neighborhood.

There is no reason for law enforcement to intentionally under publicize or edit crimes that are being reported to have occurred.  It is known to effectively combat criminal activity; the crimes must be reported, citizens must be made aware so they can become alert and assist, and police resources directed to combat the activity for a successful resolution.

The robbery which you have referenced in your email was documented on the night the incident occurred under NOPD item # F-16926-12 and a follow-up investigation immediately began in an attempt to identify the suspects responsible.  Fifth District Detective Robert Hurst is in charge of this investigation and can be reached at (504) 658-6050.  All reported crimes are taken very seriously and this incident is no exception. 

As you may already be aware, the Fifth District's monthly NONPACC meeting is every second Wednesday of the month at the Fifth District station.  I know you mentioned not always being available to attend this meeting, however we also conduct a weekly district Comstat meeting  which is held every Wednesday at 11am at the Fifth District station.  Crime trends and deployment strategies within the district are discussed openly at these meetings.  Both meetings are open to the public and all citizens are encouraged to attend.

Lastly, my condolences to the friends and families of slain victims you have referenced.  Hopefully, justice will prevail for the individuals responsible for these heinous acts of violence. 

Please know that every member of the New Orleans Police Department stand with you and every citizen to ensure that this city is a great place to live and work.

Thank You

Commander Christopher Goodly
Fifth Police District
New Orleans Police Department
4015 Burgundy Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
Office: 504-658-6050


The Crime map site can be fond here.
One must click the disclaimer to play through.
My response follows.


Commander Goodly; 

Thanks for your informative response. I checked on the crime map page again, as I am familiar with this, and looked there before. Perhaps this is why I missed it. It's listed as a "Simple Robbery". 

Case Number: F1692612 
Date: 6/11/2012 10:04 PM 
Location: 1000 BLOCK OF CONGRESS ST 
Description: SIMPLE ROBBERY 

 I'm still very confused as to how & why a similar attack of much less ferocity was plastered all over the news, and came across my screen as an NOPD Email blast, (I've subscribed for over a year, now) unless it's because it was in the French Quarter.
 There was also, in that same time period, the news and ensuing email report of a body found on the railroad tracks at N. Rampart St. While identifying the victim is important, it's not quite the same as a group of five individuals violently attacking citizens.

  Finally, WHY is this classified as 'Simple Robbery'? Tommy wasn't really robbed, as he didn't have any money. In fact, the first blow was struck before he could hand over his wallet. This was, in fact, a vicious and potentially life threatening assault. 
It might even have been a Hate Crime.

 But none of that is listed on the Crime Map mentioned, nor anywhere in the news or NOPD email blasts. In fact, even the 'Simple Robbery' did not make the grade in either of those releases. I remain deeply concerned that someone could suffer a beating that broke their jaw, broke their arm & left them unconscious & bleeding in the street, with a possible skull fracture, mind you, and it is being classified as a 'Simple Robbery'. 
 To me, this sounds like a serious downgrading of a crime. And that is saddening beyond measure, as it undermines any confidence one might have in local law enforcement. 
  Certainly you're aware that the woman robbed in the French Quarter suffered from the same pattern, albeit by one person (allegedly). Were the entire set of facts known, it might assist in leading to the capture & arrest of those perpetrating these crimes.

 I look forward to hearing more about this case. I truly hope this can be dealt with before someone is openly beaten to death in one of these 'Simple Robberies'.
  I place great faith in the NOPD of all districts. Otherwise, where would any of us be? At the same time, I look forward to a Community Awareness on their part that is concerned with personal safety, rather than statistical crime reporting.


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