Saturday, December 15, 2012

Aftermath Continued; Collective Thoughts

I live in New Orleans, a city rampant with violent home invasions. I've had friends shot to death in their own living rooms, and others held prisoner as their significant others were raped & tortured in front of them.

I hardly see any point in calling a police force that murdered innocent unarmed people with AK-47s, for simply trying to cross a bridge to safety,
and has been ruled, by the Department of Justice, as a failed system of armed thugs.

What would the gun ban lobby suggest I do when 3 or 4 killers kick in my door?

I am not a gun nut.
I do not carry a weapon outside of my home.
But I refuse to cower in a corner, knowing that someday, several armed murders may come calling, and the only protection is another group of convicted killers.

My shotgun lives over my bedroom door.
No one can get to it but me.
May it collect dust there, until the day I die, peacefully, in my sleep.

Please let me add that I am fully in favor of a complete ban on assault weapons, and lengthy, detailed background checks on any gun purchases, including extensive waiting periods.

But allowing a complete gun ban, by a government that allowed the shipping of automatic weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, in the name of some ridiculous 'sting' operation, hardly seems like an improvement of anything except insanity.

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