Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Madness & Creativity

In art, as in magic, one must have a
clear head & a pure heart to see.
For anything else is but a reflection

of ourselves, and the graffiti of life.

Letting go completely, again & again,
casts the net far & wide,
beyond the shores of ourselves.

Outside the confinement of
'what we should know by now'
deeper waters ripple
and things swim unseen
just below the surface.

Dive in, then, and swim back

to your own beach head,
shaking these sacred droplets
into the chalice of your mind.

Take care with what you conjure there,
and treat it well, as you would yourself.
For it is not of you, but something
else entirely, strong with desire to live.

Each of these things knows you, too.
And whom ever grooms the other
to fulfillment & living breath
shall be the master of both worlds.

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