Saturday, April 11, 2015

St Roch Market; same as it ever was.

The Good: The produce vendor, whoever they are, is right inside the front doors, and the produce was not only much more affordable than the Co-op (tomatoes were $2 a pound instead of $4), but local (not Mexican) and brilliantly fresh.

The Why?: There is a fish monger, and they have wild caught fish, but it's not cheap, nor is it over priced, I guess. It's very limited, and the vendor complained about getting a 2x3 foot 'ice bin' to keep fresh fish in, with most of their space dedicated to prepared food sales.
This was the design the Market was built to serve, so it comes from the top down: A fairly expensive (considering the neighborhood) food court.
There is a butcher there, too, and the very same holds true. A tiny case for fresh meat, and a large facility to make prepared food. The butcher, however (Shank) has plans to open a full butcher shop across St Claude.

The Bad: After ten fucking years & all manner of bullshit, this is a glorified, upscale food court. How many locals want a daily stop for champagne & oysters on the half shell? I'm sure we'd all love the Absolutely Fabulous lifestyle from time to time, but seriously, another upscale bar with an extensive wine collection? I wonder if they take WIC there....
At least there is another source for produce besides MGZ's limited selection and the Co-ops Mexican Spider Camp veggies, but for fuck's sake, this looks like it was designed for Sean Cummings to show off to his rich divorcees from Manhattan.

This tomato, bought for a dollar, was nice though.
And Shanks' sausages were great.

PS:For those raving about the St Roch Market:

I'm glad you had a good time.
Really, I am.
But think about the thousands (yes thousands) of local residents who waited 10 years for that open market they could afford, and got the Champagne Crowd, sipping on their sidewalk, instead.


Anonymous said...

the market isn't for the locals, it's for all the tourists that the new street car line will be bringing into the st. roch area, the city planners did not have you locals in mind for one second while planning this, it was about tourists and money they will bring in from the get go.

Lord David said...

True dat.
It was the lying about it that made it really ugly.

Unknown said...

NOLA has folded to the sway of carpetbaggers. I guess I better start a trendy tech company start up here, so I can be ready to brag about all of this at BURNING MAN..... This city is full of more twats and liars than ever. FML

Unknown said...

Just another hipster eatery ? Maybe that street car line isn't such a good idea after all...,

Lindsey said...

The Sean Cummings comment though....👌😂 my thoughts exactly.

Lindsey said...

The Sean Cummings comment though... ���� my thoughts exactly